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Celebrate Literacy Week January 22nd-26th
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January22-26, 2018

Cottondale High SchoolLiteracyEvents Plan

Find Yourself in a Book!


Ongoing School Events



 1)Administration will select students to read morning announcements over PA system

2) Teachers can allow students time to read a book in class the last 10-15 minutes throughout the week.

3) Students can create an original poster-size book cover or book mark to share their love of a favorite book or character from a book. Book covers or book marks will be made at home.  They can be designed to promote literacy and represent the theme or b) they can be a original/newly designed book cover for one of the student’s favorite books.  Finished book covers and book marks must be given to English or reading teacher by Wednesday, January 24th and will be displayed by the front office on Thursday, January 25th. Awards for best overall display will be given.

Monday,January 22


“We have Character” Day.  Students and Faculty can dress up like a favorite book character. NO WEAPONS OR COSTUMES VIOLATING SCHOOL RULES OR DRESS CODE will be permitted (length, language, coverage, etc. must be appropriate or student will be sent home).

-This schedule & Celebrate Literacy Week Parent Literacy Tips information sheet sent home with student report cards

**continue working on bookmarks/posters

Tuesday,January 23



Wild About Books!

Students and teachers can dress up in camouflage or animal print

**continue working on bookmarks/posters

Wednesday,January 24



Reading Makes Cents

Students can donate $0.50 or more to wear a CHS t shirt/shirt. Teachers can donate $1 to wear shirt and jeans. All donations will go to the library for the purchase of books/supplies.

Reading Prizes Students will be called to the library throughout the day to pick a prize for the top performances in AR so far this year.  Prizes will be awarded in MS and HS based on most words read, highest overall averages in AR, etc.)

***All bookmarks and Posters are due to ELA teachers.

Thursday,January 25





What is Black and White and Read (Red) All Over? BOOKS!

Students and teachers can wear Black and White to symbolize Graphic Novels or Red/Pink to symbolize Romance Novels.

Display Day

Student created book marks and book covers will be displayed by the front office. Awards will be given for best overall bookmark/book cover.


January 26



Reading Makes us Winners!

Students can wear their favorite team apparel (CHS, college, professional team) to show spirit for reading.

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